Established in 2010, Suitability is progressively becoming  one of Australia's foremost retailers of men's suits, jackets, shirts and accessories. We pride ourselves in offering a high quality products and a wide range of suits, shirt & jacket to match seasonal changes.

We are striving to provide a easy stress-free shopping in all of three stores and online shopping anytime, anywhere 24 hours a day. Buy online and pick up at store or get it delivered. We have created a cutting edge online shopping cart with latest suits and jackets that you can now get  24 hours a day from anywhere home or office.

We know what looks good and you like to look good when you go out. Be it a night out, on business, work and formal occasions. Looking right is important! That is why we are focused on designing and manufacturing high quality men’s fashion, in suits, shirts, jackets and accessories to match.  We also know you don’t have time to spend hours window shopping or going into stores to find the right style to suit your needs. Suitabilty can provide you with style ideas, clothes you feel great in and delivery to your door step.  

Whether you are heading on a night out with friends, doing something special with your partner, going on a business trip or just going to work, Suitability has the perfect outfit for you. 

Upto 70% off the normal retail price Suitability is your #1 men's clothing store.